Fender Princeton Reverb AA764 Guitar Amplifier (1966)

Fender  Princeton Reverb AA764 Guitar Amplifier (1966)

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Fender Princeton Reverb AA764 Model Guitar Amplifier (1966), made in Fullerton, California, serial # A14077, black tolex covering finish.

A lovely late 1966 example of our best selling Fender amplifier, the Fender Princeton reverb. For many years the Princeton was the company's smallest combo featuring reverb. Due to the volume requirements of the 1960s, when new this model was generally considered mostly as a student amp. Today the Princeton Reverb makes for a fantastic gigging rig with just enough power for a clean sound when performing alongside a polite drummer, and plenty of snarl when pushed. This early-CBS era Princeton has only light maintenance and sounds great at any level.
Height is 16 in. (40.6 cm.), 19 9/16 in. (49.7 cm.) wide, and 9 1/2 in. (24.1 cm.) deep.

This is a very clean blackface Princeton Reverb, a mostly original amp with just a replaced reverb tank, added 3-prong cord, and a few more recent tubes. There is one tear to the Tolex on the bottom rear corner, but for the most part it is intact with a few small dings and dents. Sounds just as it should; a lovely example of our single most popular amplifier. Excellent + Condition.