Ampeg SB-12 Portaflex Tube Bass Amplifier (1967)

Ampeg  SB-12 Portaflex Tube Bass Amplifier (1967)
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Ampeg SB-12 Portaflex Model Tube Bass Amplifier (1967), made in Linden NJ, serial # 068084, black vinyl covering finish. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY!
Height is 27 3/4 in. (70.5 cm.), 17 5/8 in. (44.8 cm.) width, and 12 5/8 in. (32.1 cm.) deep.

This SB-12 is a just "post-blue-Tolex" era Ampeg from 1967, kicking off the later 60's iterations of this smaller sibling to the classic B-15. It a bit dirty externally but sounds great, the perfect home or small studio recording bass amplifier. The cabinet has ingrained dirt some wear to the Tolex but nothing major, there is some light corrosion to the chrome on the chassis, with some noticeable old rust around the fuse cap.

Internally it has been recently serviced but remains unaltered. The original speaker is a 12" Jensen "Concert Model" dated to the 13th week of 1967; a sticker on it indicates it was worked on (reconed most likely) at Orange County Speaker in California some time ago. The amp has had a typical light service job including adding a grounded 3-prong power cord, replacing the output tube grid block caps, cleaning all controls and sockets and checking the bias. It sounds great, making a fine low volume bass amp (set at "5" or lower) and a surprisingly rip-roaring guitar amp when cranked. Excellent - Condition.