Maestro MFZ Model 271A Fuzz Effect, c. 1977

Maestro  MFZ Model 271A Fuzz Effect,  c. 1977
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Maestro MFZ Model 271A Model Fuzz Effect, c. 1977, made in Buffalo, NY, serial # MFZ-1699, grey crinkle enamel finish.

The Maestro MFZ is one of the classic 1970s fuzz units, made by Norlin's independent electronics division, headed at the time by Robert Moog. These were manufactured only from 1976-1979, making them fairly rare today. The unusually massive pedal is very heavily built and features unique rotary wheels on the sides for the drive and volume instead of conventional knobs -- well-designed for on-stage foot operation!

The MFZ-1 is an early example of an Op-amp fuzz circuit and the tone sits somewhere between a classic fuzz and an overdrive. This is a massive-sounding pedal both live and in the studio -- Dan Auerbach is believed to have used one on the Black Keys' earlier albums. The tone is quite different from the original 1960s Maestro Fuzz Tone FZ-1A (as used on "Satisfaction" and hundreds of other period records) with a much fatter, beefy tone when cranked.
Overall length is 8 1/2 in. (21.6 cm.), 5 1/2 in. (14 cm.) width, and 4 in. (10.2 cm.) deep.

This pedal is in well-used but not abused original condition. It shows scuffs, some scratches, and typical wear to the enamel on the side panels, but is built like a tank and even still has the "always missing" fragile plastic battery door. A fine gigging/recording example of this sought-after pedal. Very Good + Condition.