Fender Harvard Model 5F10 Tube Amplifier (1957)

Fender  Harvard Model 5F10 Tube Amplifier (1957)
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Fender Harvard Model 5F10 Model Tube Amplifier (1957), made in Fullerton, California, serial # H-01034, tweed fabric covering finish.
Height is 16 1/4 in. (41.3 cm.), 17 3/4 in. (45.1 cm.) width, and 8 7/8 in. (22.5 cm.) deep.

This great-sounding if well-worn Harvard (the Princeton's big brother) has a Tube chart code of GE, indicating assembly in May of 1957. It is not completely original; both transformers have been replaced, the PT with a larger iron. It has had the typical cap job, including "death cap" removal and a grounded 3-prong cord added. We also replaced a bad power switch and biased to 80% dissipation with newer power tubes.

The speaker is the original Jensen dated the first week of 1957. The outside of the amp shows some typical dirt and wear to the tweed and there are a lot of cigarette burns to the top. The control panel chrome shows some light corrosion and the leather handle is a high-grade replacement. All-in-all a great-sounding fairly early example of the big-sounding 10-watt "Steve Cropper Classic" amp, one of Fender's less well-known gems. And yes, we've played "Green Onions" on it...in F. Excellent - Condition.