DeArmond R5T Tube Amplifier (1960)

DeArmond  R5T Tube Amplifier (1960)
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DeArmond R5T Model Tube Amplifier (1960), made in Toledo, Ohio, serial # KO-577, brown tolex covering finish.
Height is 14 in. (35.6 cm.), 17 in. (43.2 cm.) width, and 8 1/4 in. (21 cm.) deep.

This spectacular-sounding little amp has become a tone connoisseur's choice over the last decade, one of the most sought after "non-Fender" amps of the period. The R5T was made by Rowe industries, famous for the DeArmond pickups that electrified thousands of guitars in the 1950s and '60s. DeArmond launched this line of very well-made amps in 1960, making this a fairly early example.

The R5T was the smallest amp in the line equipped with tremolo, running off a tube complement of two 12AX7s, one 6V6 and one 6X4. The original Jensen P-10 speaker in this one has a code marking 220-026 dating it to mid-1960. The power transformer is date coded 549-6039 and the output transformer 6026. The pot codes are 137-6035, indicating all components were sourced and assembled within a fairly short time span in 1960.

The control panel features two inputs with master volume, tone, and trem speed and depth controls. This amp is fully serviced with a cap job and cleaning of all sockets, pots, and jacks, and the addition of a three-prong grounded cord. Externally it is nicely original and quite clean with some minor corrosion spots on the copper faceplate. There is one small inexplicable jack hole drilled in the lower backplate. The original brown rubber trem switch is still present and working.

This amp was once serviced by Bay Area amp guru Skip Simmons, and his tag is discreetly placed inside the cabinet. This DeArmond has a truly wonderful sound that goes from a sparkle to subtle snarl to screaming overdrive with just a turn of the volume knob. The trem is lush and sweet, and it's easy to see why this model has become one of the more sought after small combos in recent years. Excellent - Condition.