Meet the Team Meet the Team Meet the Team

  • Steve Uhrik
  • Peter Kohman
  • George Aslaender
  • Shira Goldberg
  • Jacob Matheus Drab
  • Lea Jaffe
  • Mark Dobbyn
  • Harry Bolles
  • Jason Marshall
  • Amy Mills
  • Barry Clyde
  • Glendon Jones
  • Margarita Matlala

Retrofret Vintage Guitars began as a repair shop started by owner and head luthier, Steven Uhrik. An early fascination with woodworking, electronics and the technology behind musical instrument construction led him into the world of guitar building and repair while still in high school. Over the years, the business grew and took off in unexpected ways. "Clients would occasionally come in and ask me to help sell their old instruments that they had socked away. Sometimes I would buy a piece to refurbish and put up for sale," Uhrik recalled. By the 1990s we were acquiring instruments to repair and resell on a regular basis, and started casually displaying some of them.

The Brooklyn shop has brought together a dedicated staff of musicians, technicians, historians, luthiers and sales associates. We hope you'll get acquainted with some us through the web site - or even better, stop by our showroom and meet us in person.