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Enjoy our selection online while our showroom is temporarily closed to the public!

We are still adding new arrivals to our website and Instagram account regularly, so be sure to stay tuned. Each instrument that is ordered online and shipped will be thoroughly cleaned before it is packed. You can also still reach us via email or phone during our business hours if you have any questions or concerns you wish to discuss with us.

If you have any questions regarding your repairs that are at the shop, please call us and we can talk to you about any concerns you may have.

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Just Arrived! Just Arrived!
Fender  Esquire Custom Solid Body Electric Guitar  (1960)
Gibson  Model F-4 Carved Top Mandolin  (1921)
C. F. Martin  000-42 Custom Flat Top Acoustic Guitar  (2015)
Gibson  Les Paul Custom Solid Body Electric Guitar  (1956)
Fender  Princeton Tube Amplifier (1964)
Gibson  A-50 Carved Top Mandolin  (1950)
Fender  Telecaster Custom Solid Body Electric Guitar  (1973)
 Recording King Model 681 Flat Top Acoustic Guitar, made by Gibson  (1934)
Kay  Model K-5924 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Bass Guitar  (1967)
Gibson  J-35 Flat Top Acoustic Guitar  (1938)
Fender  Stratocaster Solid Body Electric Guitar  (1961)
Fender  Harvard Model 5F10 Tube Amplifier (1956)
Kalamazoo  KHG-11 Flat Top Acoustic Guitar  (1936)