Vox AC-10 TV Front Tube Amplifier (1960)

Vox  AC-10 TV Front Tube Amplifier (1960)
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Vox AC-10 TV Front Model Tube Amplifier (1960), made in Dartford, Kent, England, serial # 3337.

This Vox AC-10 -- the original core of the JMI amplifier line -- is one of the sweetest and most beautiful early 1960s amps we have had in a long while. The model underwent many changes during the 1960s, this is the 6th notable variation and was built in late 1960. At this point the "Beat Boom" was just gearing up in the UK; the Shadows were very early in their rise to fame and amplifiers were far less in demand than they would be a couple of years later. These early Vox amps were accordingly built in much smaller numbers than their later '60s descendants. This AC-10 is a considerable rarity in this condition, especially in the US.

The cabinet features a rounded TV Front with cream diamond covering and brown-backed diamond grille cloth. A small "Jennings" badge is displayed on the upper front, in addition to the larger molded gold "VOX" logo on the grille. The amp has two channels and four inputs, Dick Denney's EF86 circuit and tremolo. The two EL-84 power tubes drive a Plessey 10" speaker, putting out around 10-12 watts. The knobs are delightfully archaic looking, seemingly designed for an older radio. It also features the "Swedish-style" voltage selector, allowing for input voltage selection of 200/210v, 220/230v or 240/250v. Note: because of this the amp is supplied with a 120-240v voltage converter for use in the US and the switch set to 240v accordingly.
Height is 18 in. (45.7 cm.), 18 in. (45.7 cm.) width, and 9 in. (22.9 cm.) deep.

The amp has survived over 55 years without any apparent heavy use and is very nicely preserved for its age. The outer cream diamond covering shows some light wear and a few small edge tears. There is one notable bash on the back panel where the covering is torn. The ID plate on the back just below this has a few dings and scrapes, but otherwise everything is legible and intact. The black escutcheon control panel is very clean with only a few minor marks. The brown-backed diamond grille cloth is in fairly good shape showing some slack but no major tears. The original round knobs are present as is the one-piece molded plastic "Vox" motif in the upper right corner, as well as the black plastic handle. The original footswitch is also present.

Internally this AC-10 is nicely original electrically, with the original Plessey 10" speaker as well as the original transformers, likely made by JD brand. The amp has received our typical maintenance and servicing, including replacement of all electrolytic caps, cleaning of all sockets, pots and jacks and biasing to spec. Because the amp needs to be ran off of 240 input voltage, we have elected to leave the original three-prong British power cable for compatibility with common voltage converters.

Not only highly collectible, this early AC-10 is a perfect tabletop or home recording amp, one of the coolest and more perfect period JMI products we have had. These early Vox amps were never sold in the US and are VERY rare here; this is a lovely find in a pre-Beatle (and almost Pre-shadows) JMI Vox, a cornerstone of amp development and just a wonderfully cool piece of electro-musical history. Very Good + Condition.