Sarno Music Solutions Solar Flare Boost and Distortion Effect

Sarno Music Solutions  Solar Flare Boost and Distortion Effect
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Sarno Music Solutions Solar Flare Model Boost and Distortion Effect. The SMS Solar Flare is a straight-ahead, 100% analog, hard-clipping distortion pedal inspired by the classics of the Ď70s but fused with a modern voicing approach that helps bring out a more rich and warm tone quality. The Solar Flare will cover a wide range of distortion tones from barely dirty to outright sizzling sustain for days. Three simple controls make it very easy to find the sound youíre after; volume, tone, and drive.

The Solar Flare generates a sweet, singing, sustaining, ear-candy sound that will be right at home whether itís a guitar solo or rich, textured chording. The Solar Flare also helps to keep pick attack and articulation up front and clearly defined. It also plays very well with other pedals.
Height is 5 1/8 in. (13 cm.), 2 5/8 in. (6.7 cm.) width, and 2 in. (5.1 cm.) in depth at deepest point. This pedal comes lighty used in its original canvas bag, there is no box. Velcro has been added to the back. Very Good + Condition.