Supro Super Model 1606 Tube Amplifier (1958)

Supro  Super Model 1606 Tube Amplifier (1958)
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Supro Super Model 1606 Model Tube Amplifier (1958), made in Chicago, serial # X85494, grey Pearloid finish.

The amplifiers built by Valco in Chicago from the 1930's through the '60s have maintained a reputation for great sound and solid design; often more so than the company's guitars over the decades since they were built. This little Supro Super Model 1606 is one of the their simplest offerings, a small student grade combo that maintains a snazzy look and solid construction even at the bottom of the line. A single-ended 6V6 power section puts out about 4-5 watts of power into a Rola 6x9 oval speaker, also seen in Gibson's GA-7 Les Paul amp, but otherwise much more common to see in hi-fi speakers of that era.

A simple layout featuring a single volume control puts this amp in a category similar to the Fender Champ. The front is covered in white pearloid surrounding the black grillecloth, with a big white Supro logo. The rest of the amp is swathed mottled grey pearloid. This was the last year for these earlier '50s style cosmetics. The cream-colored metal control panel has two inputs and a single volume control. While not as rip-roaring when cranked as some Valco amps this Super offers a surprisingly sweet and nicely saturated tone, a cool little knock-around practice and recording amp still.
Height is 11 1/2 in. (29.2 cm.), 12 3/8 in. (31.4 cm.) width, and 5 3/4 in. (14.6 cm.) deep.

The amp is in overall excellent condition, with some minimal scuffing and wear to the pearloid exterior. The grille cloth featuring the Supro logo is well intact, albeit a little indented inwards with some minor staining. The control panel is clean with only minor wear and some discoloration around the inputs and knob. The original handle was long gone and the amp has been outfitted with a sturdy vintage replacement.

Electrically the amp is original and stock, including the 6x9" Rola oval speaker, which thankfully is in excellent working condition and sounds wonderful (these are somewhat difficult to recone). The speaker is coded, 285-711, dating it to the 11th week of 1957. The amp has received our typical servicing and maintenance, including replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, a grounded 3-prong power cord, all sockets, pots and jacks cleaned and biased to spec. It has a nice round sound for a small combo, but is not the rampaging distortion monster that some Supros can be. Overall Excellent - Condition.