Marshall JMP Model 2040 Artiste' Tube Amplifier (1973)

Marshall  JMP Model 2040 Artiste
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Marshall JMP Model 2040 Artiste' Model Tube Amplifier (1973), made in London, England, serial # 6629E, red tolex covering finish.

This is a well-worn but solid example of a fairly overlooked line-up in the Marshall catalog, the Artiste 2040. This series was Marshalls response to Fender amps of the era, advertised as "high-quality handmade amplifiers built for professional musicians". Not to be confused with the later hybrid solid-state "Artist" series of the 1980s, these amps were all-tube, high-powered clean amps featuring spring reverb like many of the higher-end Fender offerings of the day. This, the Model 2040, likened by many to a Fender Pro or Bandmaster Reverb of the era. Although not your typical Marshall, the amps still retain many "British flavored" components like Celestion 'Greenback' speakers and EL34 output tubes. Not overdriving as fast as one might expect from a 50W Marshall 2x12" combo, these amps sport excellent cleans and a thundering growl when pushed to their limits.

The Model 2040 features two independent channels, one "normal" and one with reverb. Each channel has two inputs, volume, bass and treble controls, with the latter having a reverb control and a master presence control. A push-pull EL34 power section yields around 50W into two 12" Celestion speakers. The red covering on this one is certainly more striking than the standard black Tolex, at least!
Height is 51 in. (129.5 cm.), 29 in. (73.7 cm.) width, and 17 in. (43.2 cm.) deep.

Cosmetically, this amp shows signs of some years of heavy use. The custom red tolex covering is generally nicely intact, but shows heavy wear particularly around corners and edges, missing bits of covering along the rear edges. The original grille cloth shows significant tearing but still hangs together. The control panel is fairly clean overall and retains all the original knobs, however nearly all of the stenciled lettering has worn off. Handles and most of the hardware is original and shows moderate-to-heavy amounts of corrosion overall. The original front Marshall logo is present but is missing the latter 'a' and 'l' letters.

Electrically, the amp remains largely original. The chassis serial number 6629E indicates a production year of 1973. The two 12" Celestion G12H speakers bear the letter codes DJ and LH, dating them to April of 1976 and November of 1975, respectively, making these likely to be later replacements, although the dates on the inspection sticker are sadly no longer legible. The Drake-made power, choke and output transformers appear original to the amp and bear the codes 1202-324, C2409 and 784-138, respectively. The amp has seen our typical maintenance and servicing, including a 3-prong grounded power cord, replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, all sockets, pots and jacks cleaned and power tubes biased to spec.

A great sounding example of an often overlooked chapter in Marshall history, rejuvenated and ready to continue rocking for many more years! Overall Very Good Condition.