Supro Trojan Model S6616 Tube Amplifier (1966)

Supro  Trojan Model S6616 Tube Amplifier (1966)
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Supro Trojan Model S6616 Model Tube Amplifier (1966), made in Chicago, serial # I-77699, black tolex covering finish.

The Supro Trojan represents last product line to emerge from the celebrated Valco factory in Chicago, which at this point was still designing and manufacturing their own amps while many others were subcontracting. This little amp's circuit is fairly simple; not unlike a Fender Vibro Champ with some edge and attitude to it. A single-ended 6V6 power section puts out around 5-6 watts into a single 10" Jensen C10R speaker, just enough to get raunchy pretty fast.

Externally the period graphics are superb with turquoise accents to the mottled chrome faceplate and a giant Supro lightning-bolt logo. The control panel offers three inputs, controls for tone and volume (which doubles as a power switch) and a speed control for the onboard tremolo effect, which has a fixed depth. The controls surround a large indicator lamp that looks like an automobile taillight. Visually the whole amp has a slightly '60s automotive feel from its hot rod color panel, chrome accents and stylish logo.
Height is 20 in. (50.8 cm.), 15 1/2 in. (39.4 cm.) width, and 7 in. (17.8 cm.) deep.

Cosmetically this amp is beautifully preserved. The black Tolex covering is completely intact and very clean with barely any signs of wear. The grille cloth is in exquisite shape, nice and taut, free of any tears or signs of fraying and shows no discoloration. The faceplate, unlike many of these at this point, retains all its graphics and lettering and is mostly free of any corrosion or significant blemishing. The amp sports the original handle on top with minor-to-moderate corrosion on the mounting hardware. The original tremolo footswitch is also present.

Electrically, this little Supro is nicely original. The original 10" ceramic Jensen C10R bears the code 220-614, dating it to the 14th week of 1966 and appears to retain its original cone, which sounds great. Both the Triweck power and output transformers are original to the amp and are marked 524-6601 and 524-6623, dating them to the 1st and 23rd week of 1966, respectively. Visible pot codes date to early 1966 as well. The amp also features a nice full set of old RCA tubes. It has seen our typical maintenance and servicing, including replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, a grounded 3-prong power cord, cleaning of all sockets, pots and jacks and power section biased to spec.

This is a fabulous example of a really special little amp, sporting a great overdriven tone with a ratty edge to it compared to earlier 1950s Supro amps. Not particularly loud, but a cool snarly beast with a rather wobbly trem, this Supro Trojan makes for an interesting variant on the typical small-box 1960s amp with a very distinct personality. Overall Excellent Condition.