Fender Pro Amp 6G5 Tube Amplifier (1962)

Fender  Pro Amp 6G5 Tube Amplifier (1962)
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Fender Pro Amp 6G5 Model Tube Amplifier (1962), made in Fullerton, California, serial # 54787, brown tolex covering finish.

This 1962 Fender 6G5-A Pro Amp is a very fine example of one of the true gems from Fender's often under appreciated early 1960s "Brown" period.

The Pro Amp was a top-flight Fender model since the very beginning and one of the company's major re-designs as Fender headed into the new decade. The new model was a single 15" speaker combo covered in the brown Tolex just coming into use as the '60s dawned. The front-mounted control panel and all-new layout were just some of the long lasting innovations ushered in around this time. The Pro Amp was just a few steps below the top-of-the-line Dual Showman, with half the power tube compliment.

Initially, the Pro Amp models shipped with a "heavy duty" 15" Jensen P15N, although in later catalogs the exact speaker compliment is ambiguous, likely to leave options for substitute speakers. The Pro's dual 5881 power section yields around 40 watts of "clean and distortionless power", claimed Fender in their 1963 catalog, filled with iconic amps that would soon change the course of guitar history with their powerful overdriven tones!

A noteworthy feature found in the higher-powered models in the new line-up is the all-new harmonic tremolo. Unlike the bias-vary tremolo appearing on earlier Fenders and the lower-powered contemporaries which modulates the output volume, the harmonic vibrato circuit modulates higher and lower frequencies separately, at the same rate, but offset in phase from one another. There is no actual change in overall volume or pitch, but the faux doppler-effect created by the phase-shifting between high and low frequencies makes it sound like a mixture of both. It is a very cool sound and takes a whopping two-and-a-half preamp tubes to accomplish!

This amp's tube chart bears the stamp LF, dating the amp to June of 1962. The 6G5-A circuit's tone controls have a very wide sweep for everything from classic hollow twang to warm, sweet sounds that will delight any jazz player. The 40-watt power section offers plenty of clean headroom on tap, but once you get above 5-6 on the volume dial the amp cascades into raucous, touch sensitive overdrive. Fender proudly advertised the use of solid state rectifiers for "smoother power regulation and heating problems encountered with glass tube rectifiers" in their 60's catalogs. The solid state rectifiers also retain overall boldness and low-end tightness at higher volumes. Like other brownface Fender amps, the Pro has a big, deep clean tone with plenty of clarity, retaining the midrange "chunk" of the tweed era.
Height is 20 1/4 in. (51.4 cm.), 24 in. (61 cm.) across at the widest point, and 10 1/2 in. (26.7 cm.) in depth at side.

This 60+ year old Pro Amp is a truly stellar example. The cabinet is overall in very good shape for its age, the brown Tolex very clean with hardly any notable exterior wear. The front grille cloth is also very clean and taut, with only some minor staining showing towards the outer edges. The front panel is mostly free of blemishes with all the lettering still intact. Even the original molded plastic handle is present and in great shape, with the metal hardware only showing moderate signs of corrosion.

Electrically, this Pro Amp is all original. The Fender-branded 15" Oxford 15M6-1 is original to the amp and bears the date code 465-140, dating it to the 40th week of 1961. It has been reconed professionally and sounds fabulous. All the transformers are original; the power, choke and output are marked 606-112, 606-213 and 606-140, dating them to the 12th week of 1961, the 13th week of 1962 and the 40th week of 1961, respectively. The amp has received our routine maintenance, including the replacement of all electrolytic caps, a three-prong power cord, all sockets, pots and jacks cleaned and biased to spec.

This is an excellent example of a very rare and great-sounding amp from this short-lived era in Fender's history, offering a unique-sounding tremolo and a great punchy breakup at higher settings. With more headroom and clarity than the brown Deluxe and Super, the Pro Amp is a very versatile gigging or recording amp that can keep up with a louder playing situation with pristine cleans as well as the classic overdrive of the brown-era Fenders. It is a longtime favorite of steel players and in a pinch can even serve as a lower-volume small combo bass amp. Excellent Condition.