Harmony H-1233 12 String Flat Top Acoustic Guitar (1975)

Harmony  H-1233 12 String Flat Top Acoustic Guitar  (1975)
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Harmony H-1233 Model 12 String Flat Top Acoustic Guitar (1975), made in Chicago, natural lacquer finish, mahogany back and sides, spruce top; poplar neck with rosewood fingerboard, original black chipboard case.

The H-1233 was Harmony's 1970's Auditorium-size 12-string, smaller than the Jumbo Stella models but neater and more solidly built than many of their earlier offerings. This is a very late example from 1975, built not long before the company folded for good. The 25" scale neck is quite comfortable with an arched rosewood fingerboard, 1 3/4" wide nut and an adjustable truss rod. The ladder braced solid spruce top is fitted with a pin bridge that makes the response and tone superior to the common tailpiece models. The 1970s Harmony guitars were in many ways better instruments than their earlier ancestors, if perhaps less iconic in vintage lore. The 15" wide 1233 is more player-friendly 12-string than most budget model 12's, and this is a lovely example.
Overall length is 41 1/2 in. (105.4 cm.), 15 1/4 in. (38.7 cm.) wide at lower bout, and 3 3/4 in. (9.5 cm.) in depth at side, taken at the end block. Scale length is 25 in. (635 mm.). Width of nut is 1 3/4 in. (44 mm.).

This nearly 50 year old 12-string is all original and very clean overall, showing little play wear. It has had a very well done neck reset and some fret work, so is a FAR better player than most similar instruments. There are no cracks or other repairs; The all original finish shows some minor pick marks to the top along with light dings and dents, with some long shallow scratches on the back. The uppermost tuning shaft on the treble side is a bit bent but still works fine.

These final Harmony guitars are some of their finest; the mahogany neck is much slimmer than earlier examples, quite straignt with an adjustable truss rod. The fretwork is better executed and the woods and build very solid. This is a super nice example and as good a player as the Harmonys get, with a bright but nicely even sound. This H-1233 makes for a very nice recording/gigging vintage solid wood 12-string that won't break the bank. It is housed in the original black chipboard case. Overall Excellent Condition.