Silvertone Model 1482 Tube Amplifier, made by Danelectro (1965)

 Silvertone Model 1482 Tube Amplifier, made by Danelectro (1965)
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Silvertone Model 1482 Model Tube Amplifier, made by Danelectro (1965), made in Neptune, NJ, grey textured fabric cover finish.

Here we have a beautifully preserved example of one of the most popular Silvertone amps from Sears, Roebuck & Co. the model 1482. These amps hold a somewhat enigmatic status as being both inexpensive and fantastic-sounding during a time where the professional guitar-amp market was heavily dominated by state-of-the-art Fender amplifiers and their only-slightly-less expensive competition. The Sears product was mostly aimed at amateur players; many lawns were mowed, dogs walked and babies sat to enable eager teen buyers to equip their garage bands with these, often bought on Dad's credit at Sears.

Priced at $68.95 in 1965 (a full $100 less than a non-Reverb Fender Deluxe at the time), the model 1482 was exclusively made for Sears by Danelectro, the New Jersey-based firm long associated with an impressive tone-to-cost ratio. Although the circuit closely resembles the mid-to-late 50s Fender 5E3 Deluxe from nearly a decade earlier, the Silvertone very much holds its own with little resemblance to a Fender sonically-speaking.

The amp features two channels with their own volume and tone controls as well as speed and intensity controls for the onboard tremolo effect. A push-pull dual-6V6 power section yields roughly 12-15 watts into a single 12-inch speaker. Compared to a 5E3, the slightly thinner-voiced and lower gain preamp combined with a undersized output transformer and 6X4 rectifier give the amp a unique overdriven sound with an early onset of compression and sag. It was perfect for Stones and Yardbirds songs in 1965; for anyone today looking to achieve raw and snarly overdrive at reasonable volumes for recording or stage, this little Silvertone still delivers!
Height is 20 in. (50.8 cm.), 17 in. (43.2 cm.) width, and 7 1/8 in. (18.1 cm.) deep.

Cosmetically, this amp is in fantastic shape. The fairly fragile pasteboard cabinet and its thin covering remain surprisingly well-preserved with only minor edge wear. The black and silver-weave grille cloth on this amp is different than on most of these models, however, given down-market catalog brand variances this appears original or at least period correct. The metal front and back panels are likewise in great condition with only minor signs of wear; virtually all the stenciled lettering is intact.

Electrically, the amp is nicely original. The 12" AlNiCo Fischer speaker is original to the amp and bears the code 1056-548, dating it to the 48th week of 1965. Both the power and output transformers appear original as well. The amp has seen our typical maintenance and servicing, including the replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, a grounded 3-prong power cord, cleaning of all sockets, pots and jacks and power tubes biased to spec.

This fantastic sounding little amp can still be had at a fraction of the cost of more collectible Fender, Vox or Standel amps from its era even in this exemplary shape. While never considered a pro-grade piece of equipment, for being built to a price nearly 60 years ago this is still one of the best hand-wired bargains of all time. Excellent - Condition.