Marshall Model 1974 Combo Tube Amplifier, c. 1968

Marshall  Model 1974 Combo Tube Amplifier,  c. 1968
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Marshall Model 1974 Combo Model Tube Amplifier, c. 1968, made in London, England, serial # 13144, charcoal Tolex finish.

One of the rarest and most desirable Marshall amps ever made, the Model 1974 combo was initially released in 1965 originally described as a "practice" amp. Practically a "Bluesbreaker"-style combo in miniature, the model 1974 featured two EL84 power tubes and a EZ81 tube rectifier yielding around 18-watts into a single Celestion G12M 12" speaker. Around 1968, Marshall redesigned the amp to be less expensive to manufacture. This version included a solid state rectifier, one less preamp tube and saw the power rating bumped up closer to 20 watts. This later version was fairly short-lived as the company's marketing began shifting more and more towards to the low-wattage head/cab models. The whole small combo series was phased out by the early 1970's.

This later version of the Model 1974 dates to later 1968 or early 1969. It features the same overall format and styling as its predecessor with charcoal Tolex covering, white piping and a white script "Marshall" logo on the face. The rear-mounted gold plexi control panel features two channels, each with 2 inputs, tremolo and a footswitch. Around the middle of '69 this plastic control panel was replaced by brushed metal, marking the end of the "plexi era" at Marshall. For a "practice" amplifier this 20-watt combo is a real beast, with a singing sound that rolls into super saturation when cranked up. Some folks consider this amp and its 18-watt ancestor to among the greatest recording/small gig amplifiers ever made.
Height is 20 1/2 in. (52.1 cm.), 24 in. (61 cm.) width, and 9 in. (22.9 cm.) deep.

Cosmetically, this amp is phenomenally preserved. The charcoal dark-grey Tolex covering hardly shows any wear and the grille cloth is clean, taut and free of any tears or fraying. The plexi front panel is very clean and completely intact showing very little wear. The pilot light appears to have been reglued in place at one point. All the knobs and intact and present as is the white plastic script logo. The handle is original and hardware shows minimal signs of corrosion. The amp also retains the original hardwired tremolo footswitch.

Electrically, this amp is all-original, including the original Celestion G12M 12" 'Greenback' speaker, which still retains its original cone and sounds fantastic. Both transformers are original, as are all the pots. The amp has seen typical maintenance and servicing, including replacement of electrolytic caps, cleaning of all sockets pots and jacks and biasing to spec. The amp retains its original British 3-prong power cord as it is for use with 240V input power ONLY. The amp comes with an external 120V-240V step-up transformer for use in the US. Overall Excellent + Condition.