Fender Duo-Sonic Solid Body Electric Guitar (1963)

Fender  Duo-Sonic Solid Body Electric Guitar  (1963)
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Fender Duo-Sonic Model Solid Body Electric Guitar (1963), made in Fullerton, California, serial # 83001, sunburst lacquer finish, alder body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, original brown hard shell case.

This is the somewhat obscure 1962-3 version of the Fender Duo-Sonic, the company's original two-pickup student guitar. By the middle of 1964 this 3/4 sized model would be re-styled to match the new "Mustang", with a slightly different body and altered switching and cosmetics. This more solidly "Pre-CBS" guitar is a transitional version, with distinctive appointments including a slightly purplish sunburst body finish with no black edge and a white single-layer plastic pickguard. This carries two black-covered single-coil pickups selected by a 3-way toggle, with volume and tone controls.

The heel of the short 22 1/2" scale clay dot rosewood fingerboard neck is stamped 3/4 January 63A. The visible pot date is to the 52nd week of '62, with all original wiring signed on the underside of the pickguard shielding plate by Mary. The headstock carries plastic-button Kluson Deluxe tuners and a "Spaghetti" style Fender logo. This version was only available for a fairly short time in 1962 and '63 and is a comparatively rare find, less common than both the earlier 1950s style and the later Mustang styled versions. It is as always a super handy and fine sounding little guitar, much more versatile than its single-pickup sibling the Musicmaster.
Overall length is 37 3/4 in. (95.9 cm.), 12 1/4 in. (31.1 cm.) wide at lower bout, and 1 1/2 in. (3.8 cm.) in depth, measured at side of rim. Scale length is 22 1/2 in. (572 mm.). Width of nut is 1 9/16 in. (40 mm.).

This guitar remains nicely original but shows some general wear, looking used but not abused. There is some noticeable finish wear to the top from aggressive strumming that extends to scuffing over the pickguard and pickup covers; perhaps there is some punk rock history here! The back and sides of the body have there share of dings, dents and chips and there are some dings to the back of the neck as well. The lower edge of the headstock has a noticeable chip out of the wood, and some deeper scarring along the rim.

The pickups, wiring, pots, and all other parts original except for correct style repro strap buttons. There are some chew marks (Dog? Human?) on the low E tuner button but it works fine. The original frets show some wear in the first position but the guitar still plays well. This is a cool and good sounding example of one of the rarer variations of Fender's most obscure student guitars. It lives in the original Brown HSC which is somewhat beat up but still does the job. Overall Very Good + Condition.