Standel '62 30J20 Tube Amplifier (2023)

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Standel '62 30J20 Model Tube Amplifier (2023), made in USA, serial # 009, blonde Tolex finish.

A first for our showroom in several ways, here is a new-production re-issue of the '62 model 30J20, made by the recently reincarnated Standel Amplifier Co. Now located in Vermont, founder Owen Duffy and Co. lovingly hand-build amplifiers under the Standel name, not only reissues of classics but also more modern takes on the original designs.

The history of the Standel company is rife with twists and turns, and if they never fully entered the pantheon of great 20th century electric culture icons it is not for lack of honest effort. The best-remembered Standel products are the early tube amplifiers from the 1950s and early 1960s; these are still considered some of the best ever made and sought after by discerning players. Like Leo Fender, company founder Bob Crooks was primarily an amplifier man. Standel made several attempts to enter the guitar market, but their reputation rests primarily on their early amplifiers, part of the great southern California Hillbilly-hot-rod guitar culture.

The Standel operation was founded in 1953 by Bob Crooks, originally in his garage at 10661 Freer Street, Temple City, California. Crooks, a hi-fi repairman and tinkerer, was hired to build a custom amplifier design for Paul Bigsby, to be sold with Bigsby's solid-body electric and pedal steel guitars. At the time Bigsby was feuding with Leo Fender! Eventually Bigsby lost interest but Crooks kept at it, eventually coming up with designs that proved popular with the local southern California country players like Merle Travis, Speedy West, and Joe Maphis.

This 30J20 is a reissue of the 62 30J series (the 30 denotes wattage, J denotes Jensen speaker, and 2x10 denotes it a 20) which was the most powerful amplifier in the Artist Line. The 30J20 features two 7591 power tubes in fixed bias operation like Standels of this era, a filter choke, beefed up transformers and stout filtering for low noise and a tight bottom end. It puts out roughly 30 watts into two offset 10" ceramic Jensen-voiced Mojotone Anthem speakers. The amp comes with a solid state rectifier socket plug, but a 5Y3 or GZ34 tube rectifier can be installed if desired.

The two independently voiced channels feature two inputs each, independent volumes and master treble and bass controls. The volume controls are interactive, not unlike a Fender 5E3 Deluxe circuit. 7591 tubes were high spec audiophile tubes of the era and are part of the high-headroom cleans that Standel amps are known and desired for. This circuit rendition offers a nice gritty overdrive when pushed hard reminiscent of a Marshall, especially when used with humbuckers.

Cosmetically, the finger-jointed poplar trapezoid cabinet features an attractive blonde/cream Tolex covering paired with brown and silver stripe grille cloth and burgundy dogbone leather handle. The baffle is solid Baltic birch and true to the Standel aesthetic, the acrylic-over-black control panel is surrounded by curved metal trim. The Standel logo lights up as a nod to the originals!

We don't often feature new-production instruments here at the shop, but are happy to make exceptions for small independent builders who we think bring something unique and special to the scene of vintage inspired instruments which the new Standel Co. certainly does!
Height is 18 3/4 in. (47.6 cm.), 23 3/4 in. (60.3 cm.) width, and 10 1/2 in. (26.7 cm.) in depth at deepest point.

This amp has been tested but is unused, new production straight from the builder. We think it sounds fabulous and are happy to see the Standel name in such loving and respectful hands. Near Mint Condition.