Fender Mustang Bass Solid Body Electric Bass Guitar (1968)

Fender  Mustang Bass Solid Body Electric Bass Guitar  (1968)
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Fender Mustang Bass Model Solid Body Electric Bass Guitar (1968), made in Fullerton, California, serial # 245484, white finish, alder body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, brown gig bag case.

This is a very nice fairly early example of the Fender Mustang Bass from 1968 in all original condition. This bass was built a couple of years into the initial run for the model, which was introduced in mid-1966 but not in full production until the end of the year. The white finish on the body was one of three available color options; not too long after this one was built the model was revamped as the racing-stripe "Competition" model.

This bass has pots dated to the 17th week of 1966, the neck date is March 1968. The small split-coil pickup is housed in the middle of a tortoise celluloid pickguard, and the strings are run through the body in a cool if inexplicable throwback to the first 1950s Precision basses. The 30" scale rosewood-fingerboard maple neck is in between the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass in nut width. The tuners have the rounded "egg" shaped buttons used on some of the earliest Fender-made pegs after the switch from Klusons.

The Mustang Bass was Leo Fender's last original design for the company that bore his name. Although intended primarily for students, the instrument is so well-designed that many professional players have used them extensively in the decades since. Ideal for players with smaller hands, the Mustang is still one of the best short-scale basses ever designed, well-balanced and comfortable with a very punchy and surprisingly fat sonic signature. Modern generations have re-discovered its charms of late, and the model is now more popular than ever. This fairly rare '68 is a superb bass and a neat piece of Fender history.
Overall length is 42 in. (106.7 cm.), 12 3/8 in. (31.4 cm.) wide at lower bout, and 1 1/2 in. (3.8 cm.) in depth, measured at side of rim. Scale length is 30 in. (762 mm.). Width of nut is 1 5/8 in. (41 mm.).

This bass is in nicely original condition overall showing some mostly minor wear. There are small dings and scuffs scattered around, the only serious wear is four larger scraped/chipped areas just along the back rim of the body, one of which has been somewhat sloppily touched up. The back has some very light buckle wear and a couple of odd patterns leached into the lacquer. The original white finish has maintained excellent color, less yellowed than many. There is some noticeable checking to the top clearcoat on the headstock, with a few flaked spots over the decal. The finish on the back of the neck is very clean.

All hardware is original and complete except the foam mutes once mounted on the front of the bridge base are long gone. Most of the hardware is relatively clean, some screws have noticeable rust. The tortoise celluloid pickguard has only shrunk up a bit with no cracks or heavy pulling at the screw holes; there is a spot cut away by the truss rod to allow easier adjustment. The original small frets have been crowned down somewhat but play fine. This beautiful little bass is set up with very supple flatwound strings and is effortless and fun to play, as Mustangs were intended to be! It includes a cool if archaic period plasti-leather gig bag. Overall Excellent - Condition.