Fender Princeton Reverb AA-764 Tube Amplifier (1965)

Fender  Princeton Reverb AA-764 Tube Amplifier (1965)
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Fender Princeton Reverb AA-764 Model Tube Amplifier (1965), made in Fullerton, California, serial # A-04907, black tolex covering finish.

Overall this is a very well preserved example of one of the hottest amps going today, vintage or modern, the blackface Fender Princeton Reverb. The combination of clean, crunch and natural overdrive this model offers perfectly suits the modern world's lower volume requirements, and they always sound great in any context. The mid-60s Princeton came as a Reverb and non-Reverb model, both featuring a single-channel layout with two instrument inputs. A dual 6V6-power section into a 10" speaker puts out around 10-12 watts of power. The Reverb-equipped model offers earlier clipping and more overall preamp saturation, due to the additional circuitry of the onboard effect. These are truly excellent gigging amplifiers and work perfectly as a stand-alone amp, as well as a pedal platform for the modern stylist.
Height is 16 in. (40.6 cm.), 20 in. (50.8 cm.) width, and 9 1/4 in. (23.5 cm.) deep.

This is a nicely original JUST CBS-era amp; the tube chart reads the stamp OI or OJ, indicating assembly in either September or October of 1965. The back panel logo reads "Fender Musical Instrument Company" generally considered the first mark of a CBS unit. The Tolex is very clean and virtually free of any tears or rips, except for minor scuffing on the lower corners and edges and some minor dirt. The grille cloth is taut and in great shape, save for a small puncture. The plastic Fender logo is still present and the chassis straps and handle hardware are only showing minor signs of corrosion. The front control panel is nice and clean overall with all the original knobs present and intact. The original two-button reverb and vibrato footswitch is also present.

Internally this amp is nicely original. The original 10" Oxford 10L5-I speaker bears the code 465-534, dating it to the 34th week of 1965. It appears to still retain its original cone and sounds fantastic. The power, output and reverb transformers are all original and marked 606-514, 606-502, 606-539, dating them to the 14th, 2nd and 39th weeks of 1965, respectively. Visible pot codes all date to '65 as well, save for the 'intensity' control, which has been replaced with a newer pot. The amp has seen our typical servicing and maintenance, including replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, install of a 3-prong grounded power cord, cleaning of all sockets, pots and jacks and biased to spec.

This is a great sounding and growly Princeton Reverb; this is a lovely example of our single most in-demand amplifier in fine gigging and/or recording condition. Excellent Condition.