Nacho Guitars Nachocaster Gold Top 1949 Style Solid Body Electric Guitar (2019)

Nacho Guitars  Nachocaster Gold Top 1949 Style Solid Body Electric Guitar  (2019)
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Nacho Guitars Nachocaster Gold Top 1949 Style Model Solid Body Electric Guitar (2019), made in Spain, serial # 1819, gold lacquer finish, swamp ash body, maple neck, tweed hard shell case.

This Nachocaster is a "fantasy" relic replica of hybrid "alternate reality" guitar, combining the structure of a pre-production Fender Broadcaster prototype with the finish and pickups of the earliest Gibson Les Pauls. It was built in 2019 in Spain by Nacho Banos, renowned author of "THE BLACKGUARD BOOK (THE book on early Telecasters, detailed to the most minute degree). Most Nachocasters are more deliberate replicas of early Fenders; this one has a some fun with the mix-and-match concept.

Nacho and crew are more than averagely passionate about vintage guitars: the way they look, feel and sound. The "Nachocaster" is a supremely dedicated effort to recreate these exact vintage feel and sound on newly built instruments. Every guitar goes through an aging process to create the look of a guitar that has been heavily played for over 60 years. All materials used are selected according to vintage specs, in this case from two different makers!

The body on this guitar is built from very lightweight swamp ash, coming in at all of 6.10 Lbs. It is assembled sandwich style from four pieces and chambered just like Leo's original prototype. The finish is an aged (cured for months) gold lacquer like the first Les Pauls, with simulated wear and heavy checking. The fairly chunky maple neck is styled like Fender's first single-sided Broadcaster, and is also heavily aged.

The two P-90 pickups are "early 50s golden era" under cream "soapbar" covers, wired to a three way switch, tone and volume knobs with standard "modern" switching. The bridge is a replica of a brass-saddle Telecaster unit cut to accommodate the P-90s. As with all Nachocasters this is a great playing, fantastic sounding guitar and definitely offers its own twist on the eternal "Fender or Gibson" debate. If you've ever wanted an early Broadcaster that sounds more like a Les Paul, this is your piece!
Overall length is 38 3/4 in. (98.4 cm.), 12 3/4 in. (32.4 cm.) wide at lower bout, and 1 1/2 in. (3.8 cm.) in depth, measured at side of rim. Scale length is 25 1/2 in. (648 mm.). Width of nut is 1 5/8 in. (41 mm.).

Although it appears played heavily for decades this guitar is in basically lightly used, almost new condition. Of course it looks like it's been rode hard for 60+ years, but that's the idea. It performs exactly as it should with a unique sound and feel. The instrument includes the original (non-aged) tweed case and the Nacho leather "goodie bag" with the various accoutrements including the detailed spec sheet/COA, a CD of production info and trove of original Fender production notes that come with these unique creations. This is a really cool hybrid, fantastic sounding and ready to gig in our reality or whatever alternate one you choose to inhabit! Overall Excellent Condition.