Gibson EH-125 Tube Guitar Amplifier, c. 1942

Gibson  EH-125 Tube Guitar Amplifier,  c. 1942
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Gibson EH-125 Model Tube Guitar Amplifier, c. 1942, made in Kalamazoo, Michigan, serial # 32736, tan fabric finish.

This rare and slightly oddball Gibson EH-125 amplifier dates to the period just around the time the US entered WWII, when materials of all sorts were quickly becoming scarce for musical manufacturers. The round-top cabinet is similar to the earlier EH-150 model but covered in plainer "aeroplane cloth" while the chassis is similar to the smaller unit used on the contemporary "KEH" Kalamazoo amp. The rarely seen EH-125 amplifier was only available in this period, and this appears to be possibly a late floor-sweep variation; the catalog model is virtually identical except for showing a 6-tube chassis configuration. This amp features 3 inputs (one labeled "Microphone" and two "Instrument') with a single volume control acting only on the considerably hotter Mic channel. The EH-125 is somewhat less powerful than its far more celebrated big brother the EH-150, and has a lower-wattage cleaner but still attractively snarly tone when pushed.
Height is 15 1/2 in. (39.4 cm.), 16 in. (40.6 cm.) width, and 8 1/2 in. (21.6 cm.) deep. Rather beat-up and a bit funky looking but still righteous, this old pre-war Gibson amp has taken its licks but is still ticking! Just serviced, with a new 3-prong cord, new power tubes (the rest are still period) and a cap job. The fabric covering is scuffed and stained in spots but still original, down to the leather covered handle and leather corner covers. There is an old duct tape mark on one upper edge, and a few random paint marks. The external hardware shows some rust, but internally the chassis is still fairly clean. The original detachable back and field coil speaker are still intact. Cool and vibey, a nice knock-around prewar amp. Very Good Condition.