Philomela Violin (unlabelled) , c. mid 19th century

 Philomela Violin (unlabelled)  ,  c. mid 19th century
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Philomela Violin (unlabelled), c. mid 19th century, spuce top, curly maple ribs and back. A violin varient, the philomel has a body with incurvations similar to those of the guitar. Without corner blocks, the outline of the upper lobe forms a wavy shoulder reminiscent of the viols but more ornate and fanciful. It was not used in the orchestra, and considered by some the instrument of the dilettanti, frequently played in Germany with the bowed zither.

From the collection of Carol Warden, Dale Music Company, Bethesda, MD.
Overall length is 22 7/16 in. (57 cm.), 6 1/16 in. (15.4 cm.) width, and 1 3/8 in. (3.5 cm.) in depth, measured at rib. Scale length is 13 in. (330 mm.). Small repaired chip in upper rib Excellent - Condition.