Fender Princeton Tube Amplifier (1969)

Fender  Princeton Tube Amplifier (1969)
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Fender Princeton Model Tube Amplifier (1969), made in Fullerton, California, serial # A10468, black tolex covering finish.
Height is 15 1/2 in. (39.4 cm.), 19 1/2 in. (49.5 cm.) width, and 8 1/2 in. (21.6 cm.) deep.

This "Drip Edge" Princeton has typically 1968 features but was assembled at the beginning of 1969; most components have '68 dates, but the output transformer is coded to the fifth week of '69. It is in good condition overall with some minor changes. Internally it has had only light work, with the large "can" multi-cap and a smattering of other small components replaced. Pots, transformers, most of the interior components, and the "Fender Special Design" Oxford-made speaker are all original.

The cabinet has had some changes over the years; period Fender tilt-back legs were added, and the rear upper panel is gone. The tube chart shows some moisture damage. The oddest modification is that the bottom back edge of the cabinet had a panel of wood removed and replaced, and two large screw holes in the bottom where it looks like the amp was mounted solidly to something long ago, possibly in a studio. This has been solidly repaired but is still visible. Whatever its history, the amp sounds as it should, with a fairly bright, snarly break-up and a nice trem. Very Good + Condition.