Fender Deluxe 6G3 Tube Amplifier (1961)

Fender  Deluxe 6G3 Tube Amplifier (1961)
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Fender Deluxe 6G3 Model Tube Amplifier (1961), made in Fullerton, California, serial # D-00945, brown tolex covering finish.
Height is 17 in. (43.2 cm.), 20 3/4 in. (52.7 cm.) width, and 8 1/2 in. (21.6 cm.) .

The "brown" Deluxe is a true classic early '60s Fender, and this version is one of the shop favorites here. This particular example is in superb original condition with relatively little wear anywhere. The serial number is under 1000, while the tube chart stamp is KL, indicating assembly in December 1961.

All major components remain original, including the Triad 8160-E power transformer and the Schumacher 606121 output transformer date coded 606 121. Unlike most post-'61 Fender amps which feature transformers by Schumacher nearly exclusively, this earlier unit has a Triad power transformer, left over in the wake of the just-ended almost decade long partnership between Fender and that Venice beach transformer manufacturer. The speaker is a Jensen date coded to the 24th week of 1960. The handle is a superb high quality repro by Bob Brookwood; there is some light corrosion to the handle mounts.

Internally the amp has been fitted with a 3-prong grounded cord and had a typical cap job including replacement of all electrolytics -- the original removed parts are still included. The tube sockets were recently cleaned, but the amp required no other work.

This is a really lovely example of this great-sounding Fender, far better preserved than many. Loud enough for most modern gigging situations but small enough for recording purposes, the brown Deluxe has a real signature sound with a smooth overdrive curve suitable to many applications. Excellent Condition.