Ampeg B-15N Tube Bass Amplifier, c. 1973

Ampeg  B-15N Tube Bass Amplifier,  c. 1973
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Ampeg B-15N Model Tube Bass Amplifier, c. 1973, made in Linden NJ, serial # 105677, black tolex covering finish.
Height is 38 in. (96.5 cm.), 22 in. (55.9 cm.) width, and 14 in. (35.6 cm.) deep.

This early 1970s Ampeg B-15N remains in very good condition overall. It retains the original speaker (dated 1973) and a set of older pre-amp tubes, with more recent power tubes fitted. This later version of the all-time classic smaller bass amp has the same basic circuit and construction as the 1960s models with a black Tolex covering replacing blue check on the outside and the addition of the SVT tone shaping switches for "Ultra High" and Ultra Low" mounted above a redesigned faceplate.

This amp has been well-cared for but shows some light wear overall, most notably some small spots of the screen print on the faceplate are worn off and there is one deep scratch into the aluminum over the power switch. There is some chipping to the finish on the top of the left hand transformer casing, and the Tolex on the bottom of the cart has some small rips. As is common with old B-15s, one of the two power transformers has been neatly replaced. This is a nice example of a final Linden NJ made B-15, an excellent-sounding version of this timeless classic complete with the oft-missing transport cart. Excellent - Condition.