Fender Princeton Reverb Tube Amplifier (1966)

Fender  Princeton Reverb Tube Amplifier (1966)
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Fender Princeton Reverb Model Tube Amplifier (1966), made in Fullerton, California, serial # A-09741, black tolex covering finish.
Height is 16 in. (40.6 cm.), 20 in. (50.8 cm.) width, and 9 1/4 in. (23.5 cm.) deep.

This is a nice and clean amp overall, with all original components save for the reverb tank, which we replaced with an accurate reproduction by MOD -- a fabulously lush-sounding tank and a very high quality sonic upgrade from the sometimes cranky Hammond tanks of the CBS era. Both the power transformer (Better Coil & Transformer 831-6601) and the output transformer (Schumacher 606-5-47) are original to the amp, as well as the speaker. The Tube Chart is stamped PC, indicating it was assembled in March 1966.

Externally there is not much wear, just a little dirt and some light corrosion to the metal. Internally it has been fully serviced with a new 3-prong grounded cord and replaced electrolytics and re-biasing for a NOS set of RCA output tubes. A fantastic-sounding Princeton Reverb overall, with a reverb sound to die for! Excellent - Condition.