Fender Deluxe Model 5A3 Tube Amplifier (1951)

Fender  Deluxe Model 5A3 Tube Amplifier (1951)
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Fender Deluxe Model 5A3 Model Tube Amplifier (1951), made in Fullerton, California, serial # 4354, tweed fabric covering finish.
Height is 16 1/4 in. (41.3 cm.), 18 in. (45.7 cm.) width, and 7 1/2 in. (19 cm.) deep.

This early Fender Deluxe shows its age a bit but remains in better shape overall than many nearly 70 year old amplifiers. The old-style un-lacquered tweed covering shows some typical wear and some staining, including a fairly large stain on the left side of face. There is a decent amount of pitting to the faceplate chrome, but the graphics are still legible. The handle is a high quality leather replacement.

Internally the amp has had a full cap job, three-prong grounded cord added and death cap removal. All sockets, pots and jacks have been cleaned and the amp biased to spec. This Deluxe was originally wired by Lily (whose masking tape tag is still present inside the chassis), and has pots dated to the 41st week of 1950. The original Jensen speaker dates to the 37th week of 1951. Tube complement is 2x Tung-Sol 6SC7 Preamp, 2x JJ 6V6 power and NU 5Y3 rectifier.

This amp features a Triad power transformer marked 6452 and a very rare and desirable output transformer, a Thordarson marked T-67S48. This part was made by Chicago-based Thordarson MFG, the first producer of industrial and commercial transformers in the US. Compared to standard Triad output transformer Fender used in most early 50s Tweed Deluxes this one has an unusual architecture that results in a different sound; tighter bass, more midrange and very smooth overdrive characteristics. This is a highly sought after and valuable perk in this particular 5A3! In general this amp sounds great and is a lovely example of this all-time classic gigging and recording amp. Very Good + Condition.