Ampeg B-12 N *LOCAL PICKUP ONLY* Tube Bass Amplifier (1965)

Ampeg  B-12 N *LOCAL PICKUP ONLY* Tube Bass Amplifier (1965)
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Ampeg B-12 N *LOCAL PICKUP ONLY* Model Tube Bass Amplifier (1965), made in Linden NJ, serial # 011855, blue checked Tolex finish.
Height is 27 3/4 in. (70.5 cm.), 17 5/8 in. (44.8 cm.) width, and 12 5/8 in. (32.1 cm.) deep.

The slightly smaller "Little Brother" to the classic Ampeg B-15, the B-12N is more compact overall and more suitable for lower volume situations. The B-12 the perfect home or small studio recording bass amplifier, clean sounding and rich at low volume (set at "4 1/2" or lower) but also makes a surprisingly rip-roaring guitar amp when cranked. This one has one oddity; the internal serial number tag (with the matching number) in the cabinet is printed for a B-15; this looks to be a factory error as the amp is quite clearly a B-12N!

This is an amazingly clean amp; it looks at first glance like a re-issue, but it is an original 1965 B-12. Apart from the typical maintenance work to keep it running smoothly 55+ years on (added 3-prong cleaned pots, jacks, tube sockets; full recap) this is a lovely original amp. The speaker appears original and still works great, this is a really superb sounding amp with bass or guitar.

Cosmetically it shows just some very minor scuffing with some very light corrosion to the exposed metal and tiny Tolex tears at a couple of corners. There is a noticeable rub mark on the top of one of the transformer housings. The chrome is still shiny and even the somewhat fragile Bakelite knobs look like new; really this amp looks more 5 years old than 55! The original cart (almost always missing) and cover are included, the latter with some minor tears at the edges and corners but also relatively clean. As Ampeg Portaflexes go this B-12N is about the nicest we have seen in many years. Excellent + Condition.