Welcome to RetroFret! Welcome to RetroFret!

We've been busy! While being closed to the general public throughout the COVID-19 emergency the folks at Retrofret have been working to maintain a safe environment. All surfaces are vigilantly cleaned on a regular basis. The HVAC has always been HEPA filtered but now has hospital grade, high intensity UV disinfecting units in all the duct work. All areas also have stand alone Ion filtration air handlers. The Retrofret team alternates half the week working by remote and wears face coverings at all times while on site. Lots of hand sanitizer, too!

Our plan is to stayed closed to the general public into the Fall. We are still shipping at a brisk pace. The repair shop is catching up with what had been an eight month backlog of work. Appointments can now be made (on a limited one person at a time basis) to visit the showroom. Face coverings are required at all times. Please call to schedule a showroom appointment, inquire about making a purchase, ask service questions or to pick up a completed repair. As always, we are interested in purchasing or consignment of vintage guitars, amps, banjos, mandolins and basses.

Take care, stay healthy, and best regards!

Steve Uhrik and the Retrofret team.

Just Arrived! Just Arrived!
Gibson  L-48 with DeArmond pickup Arch Top Acoustic Guitar  (1961)
Slingerland  Maybell Banjo Ukulele ,  c. 1927
Gibson  Tal Farlow previously owned by Tal Farlow Arch Top Hollow Body Electric Guitar  (1997)
Danelectro  Doubleneck Model 3923 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar  (1964)
Fender  Champ 5F1 Tube Amplifier (1959)
Borys  B120-7 Deluxe 7 string Arch Top Electric Guitar  (1993)
National  Triolian Resophonic Guitar  (1929)
Roland  Space Echo RE-201 Echo Effect (1983)
Fender  Harvard Model 5F10 Tube Amplifier (1960)